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People sometimes ask me why I hate social justice bloggers when “there are worse people on tumblr”. If you actually read the ridiculous bullshit they talk about, you can see they are just as bad and encourage the same amount of negative stigma about others as the people they so passionately and aggressively criticise. 

If you hate someone because they are in the racial majority, it is not “reverse racism” because those who have been oppressed cannot be racist to those who have historically oppressed them. It is, however, prejudice, and this makes you just as bad as white people who hate black people/Asians/Jewish people etc.

If you hate someone because they are heterosexual or cisgendered and therefore have “privilege” in society, you are just as bad as a straight person who hates gay people or trans people. 

If you hate men because they are in the majority and have privilege over women, you are just as bad as men who are misogynists. 

If you hate someone because they have a smaller weight than you and therefore have “thin privilege”, you are just as bad as thin people who ridicule people who are more overweight than them.

If you are angered when people:

  • "equate gender with genitals"
  • are “culturally appropriating” a culture by eating food of a different ethnic origin to their own, or use words from a different culture to their own
  • don’t understand the hundreds of ridiculous gender names that go beyond male, female, genderfluid or genderless
  • claim that someone is “oppressing” you by finding some things you state as part of your identity  - such as fetishes or preferences - ridiculous
  • don’t tag small things that irrationally trigger you (such as “aquaphobia cw” or “food tw” on pictures of the ocean or pasta) (you need professional help and you shouldn’t be using the internet)
  • have preferences about who they want to be in a sexual relationship with

you need to get that your aggression will not help to make people care or understand about your point. No one in the real world cares about small things like these. If you find them offensive you need a reality check.

If you truly want equality you would do it by educating, not attacking. You say that people don’t get to choose how they are born, and yet abuse people in the majority for privileges they cannot control. Stubbornness and intolerance on either side will never help anyone. 

curse the things that made me sad for so long 

the path to your destiny lies within the magic of your heart.

thank God for instagram filters.

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The Black sisters for anonymous